Aluminum Die-Casting Tidbits

Ningbo Beilun Daqi Xin Yi Machinery Mould Factory

With the development of automobiles, motorcycles and home appliances industry in China, the appearance of industrial products in meeting the performance requirements at the same time, become more and more complex, and the manufacturers of these products does not open mold, this requires the mold manufacturing industries with the fastest speed, lowest cost, highest quality to produce molds. In order to meet this requirement, Die-casting company only uses advanced management tools and integrated manufacturing technology can be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. When the Die-casting production in production, will inevitably encounter problems. Focused on 2-point knowledge illustrated below.

1. Why Aluminum casting hole machining allowances cannot exceed 0.25mm?

Suitable for Die-casting, human in Die-casting Aluminium alloy with lots of Silicon (SI). Condensation inside the mold of Aluminum alloy, and Silicon(SI) will floated to the surface, forming a thin layer of the Silicon film. This layer of Silicon film structure is very hard, and very wear-resistant. Some OEM designer takes advantage of this feature. In the surface of a Die-casting directly to bearing surface. The Silicon layer on the surface, generally only 0.2mm to 0.9mm. Too much processing, will shorten the life of the bearing surface.

2. Why Aluminum Die-casting product in polishing will be spots?

There have several reason make this happen. There may be Silicon oxide, or Aluminum oxide formation. Also the solution is very simple, use fresh aluminum ingots. However, most likely is from release agents. May we too much spray release agent. There may be have high organic matter content in the release agent. These organisms under the hot temperature of molten Aluminum and some have been reduced to carbon, some become organic macromolecules polymer. Mixture of these molecules and polymers, Aluminum castings to form will be included in the surface, and this is what we see dark spots in the surface. We can reduce the concentration of spray agent using a spraying agent, or longer grying time. To reducing the formation of carbon and prevent the accumulation of macromolecular polymer.